50B Tracking

Drew’s been up a couple times this week, and will be again today, tracking guitars for Fifty Bears in a Fight.  Sounds pretty vicious.

He’s created some great vintage tones for our guitars, and by that I mean trebly and still with plenty of body.  It’s loud, though.  There is no question; the neighborhood knows exactly what we are doing.

The computer has been behaving better, but not perfect.  It had been giving us blue screens of death, but after cleaning out the heat sink, I’m just getting a new soft error about ProTools not being able to pull audio off the E: drive fast enough.  It could be heat, or that our sessions are getting huge.  (There are currently 10 tracks of just *my guitar* in “Cold Burn.)  I think I’ll take the case off for today’s session, and see what that does.  The fan noise won’t make a bit of difference, given Drew’s guitar volume :-)