Lincoln, NE – Songwriter Power Ranger Series: AUGUST

This month, we have a slew of excellent performers for you (see attached). As always, it’s 6:30 – 9 pm at the Bourbon Theatre, located on “O” Street in between 14th and 15th on the South side of the street, right next to Yia Yia’s.

This month, there will be no SWPR on Monday August 10th as there will be another show going on that night. However, SWPR will resume on Monday, August 17th with Ali Harter, Ingrid Blood (Teal from UUVVWWZ) and Zane Peters (The Candle Simon). Cover is $4, gitcher beer, gitcher bourbon, gitchee some coffee, and come rock out. F*ck, tell all your friends! The atmosphere is cozy and low key. The chairs are comfortable. The drinks are weird and delicious. The lighting is downright welcoming.

As the month goes on, reminders about shows will happen as they happen. Remember to show up in a revealing burlap sack, and you will receive one (1) free drawing of a horse, provided you are not a horse yourself.

Come rock with us!


Cory, Ember and the Bourbon. And BJ and the Bear. And Turner and Hooch.