Punk from Sand

The Production Advice blog posted last week on Diego Stocco, who makes music from sand and trees and burning pianos.

(Not all at once.)

Diego Stocco – Music From Sand from Diego Stocco on Vimeo.

Update, 5 August: I don’t know why the video is now unavailable to embed, but Diego has posted for free a longer mp3 of “Music From Sand” and one other track!


Why do I love it ? Because it’s:

* Beautiful
* Musical
* Witty
* Unique
* Original
* Punky

– wait, punky ? [Insert FX of record scratch/car screeching to a halt/etc]

What the hell am I talking about ?

Punk means something different depending which side of the Atlantic you grew up on, but either way, what do these delicate ambient textures and found sounds have to do with either the Ramones or the Sex Pistols ?

The answer is – DIY ethos.

Regardless of what it sounded like, a key element of punk was that anyone could make music – provided they sing a bit, or strum and hit something.

Ian, unknowingly, has become an accessory to our conversation on punk.  I think his answer clarifies the connection I have been trying to draw between punk and Tillich’s “Protestant Principle;” in both, the point is that we need to have and create the raw experience for ourselves.

We don’t need gatekeepers, whether they’re the priesthood of the church or of the music industry.

And this is why punk always has the potential to rise from its own ash, phoenix-style, even if it’s under another name.