St. Paul Tacos

A couple weeks ago at dinner, Cari Ann said something about “Wouldn’t it be awesome to have tacos with Dorothy Lynch on them?” ( ) It would, so we set about inventing a recipe to support the concept.

Shell: Soft corn tortillas

Filling: Broiled red pepper, mushroom, and corn. We cut two fresh red peppers into thin strips, sliced one package of baby bella mushrooms, put those two in a pan, and spread frozen corn over them. Season with crushed red pepper and Mexican oregano, broil on a high (2nd from highest???) rack until the corn starts to brown a bit.

Crunch: Cashew pieces and a bit of romaine lettuce

Sauce: Dorothy Lynch

Cheese: Queso fresco (or feta if you can’t find it, but the mild queso fresco is *really* delicious!)

Of course, sides of chips and salsa or guac, well-fried black beans, or garlic white rice would go well with these tacos. Enjoy! -h