Your Momma Called

Hope you’re enjoying “Hush Hush” and XMAS.  At the party last weekend as I played our tunes, I was trying to tell KCAVP’s Beth that my goal is for everyone to be able to claim something authentic from the comp.  In spite of (or along with) the carols from my tradition, there’s enough stuff about family, shopping, winter, alienation, and connection that I hope Jews, atheists, fundies, and more could hear something of their December experience reflected back.

Today I’m starting to master the Songwriter Power Rangers’ performances from the radio station in Lincoln a couple months back, which we’ll release in January or February probably.  Drew will be over in a few minutes for a massive (Band that might or might not be known as Fifty Bears in a Fight) session.

The post’s title comes from my favorite song from the SPRs, one by Manny Coon.  (It’s not the setup to a joke.)

(Though Zach Braff was surprisingly funny on Conan last night, especially his story about meeting Eddie Murphy in a coffee shop.)