Studio update

Been busy in the studio:

  • Finishing up mastering for The Sleepover’s LP
  • Re-amping the last round of tracks for [Fifty Bears in a Fight?] and starting to mix.  I just got six songs out to the guys last night
  • Slowly getting to Songwriter Power Ranger mastering, a little Sleepover EP collaboration thing, and talks about future releases

“Contra,” the new Vampire Weekend record, is suuuuuuuper good.  4/5 stars.  Get it!

2 thoughts on “Studio update”

  1. Let’s get a review of Contra on here. I echo the 4/5. What tracks are you digging early on into the record?

  2. You want to write it & email to me? (Make sure and use my personal account!) Every song has its strong (read: beautiful/amazing) points. I find myself singing “Horchata” in my head a lot, I think just because it’s the first track on the record and I’ve spent the past week and a half mostly wanting to listen to Contra rather than doing whatever I’m doing. A lyric in “Giving Up the Gun” jumped out at me on the very first listen; “My ears are blown to bits / from all the rifle hits / but still I crave that sound…” -h

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