Panda Face Release Wednesday

This Wednesday, March 3, Mr. Furious Records and Brandon McKenzie will release Panda Face’s self-titled record.

Some of you know Brandon from Lincoln, NE indie band Strawberry Burns and his solo work as BLANE.  To my ears, if you dig BLANE (or MFR’s own Bike) you’ll enjoy Panda Face.

If you don’t know, give it a shot on Wednesday! -h

A Late Entry…

As I finally got to answering the week’s email, I wrote the below to my friend J. who asked me what I thought of The Who at the Super Bowl last weekend.  I know it’s kind of late in interwebs time to weigh in, but I think I captured my sentiments pretty clearly. -h

The Who – meh… #1) I love The Who and Pete Townshend, especially. #2) Likewise with grunge, it bums me out that my generation and younger know them through the credits to the NCIS franchise. #3) I know these guys have bills, but I have to say the Super Bowl performance eroded their legacy. They looked very human; those old records have become something more. #4) That said, I enjoyed the halftime show. #5) The NFL has *got* to loosen up its post-Janet’s-boob prudishness, and find an act under 40 with some fresh material to play the halftime. You know what I’d love to see? Marching bands! Have a nationwide marching band contest for high school bands, have them submit videos or whatever, send scouts out to see the top 20 and pick one, and give them an all-expenses paid trip to the Super Bowl. Great PR, exciting, safe, cheap halftime show… seems like a win all around.


DOWNLOAD ALL via .zip from

  1. SWPR CoverI Ain’t A Prophet – Ember Schrag
  2. It’s The Only – Cory Kibler
  3. The Wind Knows My Name – Manny Coon
  4. Potion – Lori Allison
  5. La Maria – Ember Schrag
  6. Dreams Really Do Come True – Cory Kibler
  7. Your Momma Called – Manny Coon
  8. Hope and Kindness – Lori Allison
  9. Songwriter Power Rangers on KZUM, full original broadcast from Hardy Holm’s “Alive in Lincoln”