Live Five Star

For a break from (non-)50B work, I’ve been remastering some Five Star Crush live tracks from back in 2007.  At the time we were playing what we thought could well be our last show, and I hired a guy to multitrack it, so it’s a pretty good-sounding recording.

We haven’t done anything with it and I don’t know that we ever will, but if you make a comment and include your email address, next weekend I’ll send the six songs to you via YouSendIt.  Just put your email in the “email” field; it’s secure and won’t be published publicly, it’ll just show up on my side.

Some of these versions I like listening to better than the studio cuts, because they sound much more like being on stage feels; they bring up stronger sense-memories.

The tracklist:

1. Cali

2. Aasta

3. Silver-Yellow Girl

4. Ms. Trouble

5. Transient

6. Under Spinning Lights