Finest Worksong

I finally listened to the “Document” LP I picked up over a month ago, not realizing that one of my favorite R.E.M. songs is called “Finest Worksong” and is on that album. Bit by chiming bit, I am becoming an actual R.E.M. fan.

Some bits & pieces:

– Had a great session yesterday doing a full mixing pass on “You Have To Wear The Boots.” Cleaned up the big concerns from the most recent mix, and made several small but good changes to the overall sound – cleaner drums, clearer vocals – that I like. I’m ready for Tim’s flute and Tara’s voice (as The Knight).

– Unofficially, it sounds like the cast of Khan! The Musical will be coming over in a couple weeks to complete the official soundtrack/original cast recording. Very cool.

– If you saw the new site up for a few minutes earlier tonight, I was testing the functionality of using facebook accounts to log in to the new site. (A feature that may be more important to the Exploder Mode site I’m planning than MFR, but we’ll see.) With CA’s help, it was successful.