A Series of Sneak(y Updates)

mrfuriousrecords.com – Tonight I updated the Buddypress core and Facebook login.  That broke some things…  but everything (except Facebook – which I will work on presently) is back and the Activity page actually looks better than ever.  ALSO: FINALLY got the main nav drop-downs in line, though there’s one more little bit to fix there.  Thank Ifni for Firebug; would never have found the problem without it.

Shows – In a moment of actual semi-rock-star-ness, I rolled out of bed 10 minutes before needing to hit the road for the pancake gig.  And forgot my songbook.  So the 105-minute set (!) consisted of hastily scribbled down tunes from “…not nothing,” “Ventura,” Five Star Crush, Cory, and even a couple from “It’s a Trap.”  But it was a ton of fun, Tim jammed along, and everyone seemed cool with it (including an off-duty cop).  Since then I’ve also done four 15-minute sets at work to promote the last round of “Songs of -h,” which I’m offering in exchange for a donation to the local scholarship fund.  I’ve done “Coast & Plains” and “Snow is a Bear” at each one, and then mixed in other stuff for the third tune.

“…Boots” – Tim and I went way long at his first session, so we had to plan another.  And he was sick over the weekend, so we missed it, and are now aiming for early November.  I’m still hoping for a November release, especially since I don’t know of any forthcoming XMAS jams for 2010.

Loud Weird Band – Still technically without a name, the band-maybe-known-as-Exploder-Mode-or-Anteatereater-or-Phantom-Nukes-or-Chrome-Satellites had our first practice with my new bass amp (ridiculously great) and I have a new round of mixes of the first six tunes out to the other guys that I’m finally satisfied with.  Drew and I have also done vocals on the 7th tune (he did lead, and murdered it) and are ready to mix that.

Live Set & Breakfast Next Saturday

I’ll be playing next Saturday, Oct. 9, from 8-10 AM for Community Assistance’s Council‘s Flapjack Fundraiser at the Applebee’s at Truman Corners, Grandview, MO.

From the press release:

Community Assistance Council is announcing the start of a new program for transitional housing in south Kansas City. Seeds of Hope, an area home purchased by CAC, will allow a family time to live in the home, while working with a case manager to develop life skills and stabilize finances with the goal of reaching self-sufficiency in six to nine months.

“There’s been such a need in this area for transitional housing. Currently, families that want to live in this area, but have credit issues or other barriers that keep them from renting or owning a home have only local motels to stay at,” Carol Bird Owsley, Executive Director of CAC, said.

… St. Luke’s [United Methodist Church] started a pledge drive with its membership and has hosted numerous fundraisers to raise the money needed to purchase the home … Community Assistance Council is now hosting its own Flapjack Fundraiser on Saturday, October 9, at the Applebee’s at Truman Corners, from 8-10am.

CAC staff and volunteers with help from St. Luke’s United Methodist Church volunteers, will cook and serve breakfast, which will include pancakes, eggs and sausage, as well as a beverage for $7/person. There will even be musical entertainment provided by Howie Howard from Mr. Furious Records (www.mrfuriousrecords.com). Proceeds will be used to pay for ongoing expenses the first year, such as insurance, taxes and utilities. “Eventually, the program will be able to fund itself,” Owsley stated. “But the first year costs need to be met.”

Tickets for the Flapjack Fundraiser can be purchased in advance at Community Assistance Council, 10901 Blue Ridge Boulevard, or at the door. More information regarding Seeds of Hope, the breakfast or CAC can be provided by calling the agency, 816-763-3277.

In unrelated news, Jill sent me this screenshot from Facebook:

Facebook Mellensong