Studio work 2011

In the wake of …Boots, priorities are the Loud Unnamed Band stuff, and Cory’s new solo record.  I’ve done some vocals for the second batch (tracks 7-13) of the Loud Band and we’re talking about them, and will re-record some of it (I’m sure) and then produce and mix those songs.  The only thing holding up the first six is finalizing a band name, and possible re-mixing them based on a new trick I’m using with batch two.

Cory will be sending me demos to track drums to, and then we’ll get together for the rest of it.  Good times.  Progress will be on and off though summer (when I graduate), and then should pick up a bit.

We’ve just agreed to put out a record in March that I’m excited about.  It deserves its own post, to follow.

Thanks to all who are listening to and talking with me about …Boots!  -h