Mars Lights, Sleepover, and solo shows

So much music happens when class is off…

  • Mars Lights plays Monday, 6 June, at the Riot Room in KC.  I continue to work on mixes – re-amping bass, panning, EQing and compressing drums – and hope to have 2-4 done for the show to give you.
  • I play solo Wednesday, 8 June, at St. Peter’s UCC, $10 for dinner and music (PDF flyer here).  It’s a fundraiser for Jill, who is traveling to Florida for the UCC’s national synod meeting.  If you have song requests, put them in the comments.
  • The Sleepover demo’d 4 new songs last weekend in Lincoln.  We’re recording the EP August 6-7 at ARC in Omaha.  I practiced drums a hundred times to Cory’s acoustic demos, and yet when it all comes together and gets mixed, it’s like hearing them for the first time.  Pretty weird and exciting.
  • The Sleepover is playing:
    • Sunday, 3 July, at Duffy’s in Lincoln, NE
    • Saturday, 13 August, in Lincoln, NE
    • Thursday, 25 August, at The Slowdown in Omaha, NE (cancelled)
    • The May 20/21 shows are canceled
  • I was going to write a massive new MR|Review, but my feelings about “Helplessness Blues” are still changing.