TV on the Radio at Crossroads KC

  • The last time I saw TV on the Radio, Dave Sitek was in a full-body gingerbread man costume.  Just saying.
  • Can’t say enough nice things about the venue, Crossroads KC; it was a beautiful night to be outside, their sound was stellar once again, good beer selection for $5, and it was full but not overcrowded.  It seems to draw an intergenerational crowd, too, which I like.
  • !!! (Chk-chk-chk) opened with a forty-minute dance party, elevated by band MVP Tyler Pope on bass, whose riffy, propulsive lines played well against the straight disco beats to give the rhythm section some soul and edge.
  • TVotR’s set was an even blend of songs from all their records.  I was surprised, expecting to hear most of Nine Types of Light; I was even more surprised that Kyp announced after “Second Song” that it had been the live debut of that tune, one of the standouts from the new album.
  • The band transformed from their typical (if you can call it that!) noise-punk soul band to a fantastic rock band for a blistering “Repetition” (better than the studio version!) and “Wolf Like Me” to close the main set.  It’s very cool, and very humbling, to hear the group shift gears like that and show that, in addition to everything else they do, they can out-rock almost anyone, just because they could.
  • It might have just been me, but the memory of Gerard Smith hovered over the night, though he wasn’t mentioned out loud.
  • Cory, you’ll never guess who uses a Blues Jr. as his main amp (Kyp!).
  • Drew, Dave rocks an Orange cab, too, with some obscure amp I couldn’t identify.
  • Here’s what the KC Star thought.