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89- Hush Hush – Scott Morris, 2009
90- It’s a Christmas Thing – Cory Kibler, 2008
91- Snow is a Bear – howie&scott, 2007
92- Silent Night – echoes, 2006
93- What’s My Baby Want’n? – echoes, 2006
94- O Come Thou Dayspring – howie&scott, 2006
95- Jingle Bells – DJ Josh-O, 2006
96- How We Can Know – Cory Kibler, 2005*
97- Mary Be The One This Eve – echoes, 2005
98- At Its Rising – howie&scott, 2005
99- Merry Christmas – howie&scott, 2005

*In 2008 the version of “How We Can Know” from “The Silent Woods” replaced the original version on XMAS, and the entire track order was revised.

One thought on “XMAS / Mr. Furious Records”

  1. Compilation / Indie: “A compilation of original, unusual, re-imagined, and artful Christmas music.”

    Includes pop (“Merry Christmas,” “What’s My Baby Want’n?,” “O Come Thou Dayspring”), acoustic (“How We Can Know,” “Mary Be The One This Eve”), techno (“Jingle Bells”), and free jazz (“At Its Rising”).

    Mastered by howie at FuriousSound.

    1- “How We Can Know” by Cory Kibler.  Guitar/vocals: Cory.  Piano: howie.

    2- “Merry Christmas” by C. Howie Howard.  Guitar/vocals/drums: howie.  Saxophone: Scott Morris.

    3- “At its Rising” by Scott Morris.  Saxophone/piano/percussion 2/atmosphere: Scott.  Djembe: howie.

    4- “Mary Be The One This Eve” by C. Howie Howard.  Guitar/vocals: howie.

    5- “O Come Thou Dayspring” arr. C. Howie Howard.  Synth/vocals/drums: howie.  Saxophone: Scott Morris.

    6- “What’s My Baby Want’n?” by C. Howie Howard.  Guitar/vocals/organ/drums: howie.

    7- “Jingle Bells” arr. Josh Oberndorfer.

    8- “Silent Night” arr. C. Howie Howard.  Guitar/vocals/reverb: howie.

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