Return of the Matt

Mars Lights practiced with Matt this week for the first time in a long time, and it clicked immediately and felt awesome.  Drew’s getting us a show at the Riot Room ASAP.  Based on what we messed with, the set will likely include:

  • Straight Shots
  • Nukular
  • Cold Burn
  • White Flight
  • All Tied Up
  • Stars Above
  • Black Roses II
  • Stangray

The last two Drew and I have played at the Czar Bar and Replay shows last year.  “Stars Above” is a riff that’s been around for a long time, but I just finished earlier this year during my big Mars Lights writing burst.  “All The Time In The World” and “No Witnesses,” which we also did at the duo shows, are contenders.

My gear upgrades – Sunn amp and POG for the bass synth, GT500 and TimeFactor for guitar, and my Epi ES 355 guitar itself – really shone in rehearsal.  I could hear myself better, and my tone stood up to Drew’s without needing to be overpoweringly loud.

Really fun.  Made my week.