Mars Lights & Demos in Lincoln, 11/23

Mars Lights (Howie, Drew, and Matt!), Demos (Cory, Greg, Jarek, and James), and (TBD) descend on the Bourbon Theatre Saturday, November 23rd, for an early show.  Mark it.  Details to follow.

Architects’ free show at the Sandbox was perfect yesterday in KC.  All of the new Border Wars stuff, plus some old favorites.  I love what they do, and it’s never more clear than when the band comes crashing in together after a short pause in a song; it carries weight, it moves air, it’s heavy and it dances and it slugs you in the chest.

Picked up a couple records at Vinyl Renaissance (can’t say no to $1 Sugar) and a little piece of gear at Big Dude’s Oktoberfest, too, and spent the night re-calibrating all of my presets on the TimeFactor to the tune of a Great Divide Hibernation.  Good times.