VFE Built By AJ

VFEfieryredhorseThere was already a lot to love about VFE pedals.  Peter has developed some truly creative circuits (like the Mobius Strip dual delay with crossover, and Triumvirate multi-band distortion), he’s up-front about the gain structure and clipping of all of his pedals (if you haven’t looked, you’d be surprised how hard it is to find out about the actual clipping that goes on inside of most pedals), and his standard six-control layout offers more flexibility (and often, multiple clipping options!) than most other companies for the same price.

But this week, I found out about the Built by AJ pedal line, which just takes it over the top.

Meet AJ – my neighbor who lives on the next street over from the shop. AJ has multiple diagnosed mental illnesses (out of respect for AJ, I won’t disclose more) … For about a year, I have been teaching AJ how to build pedals. Unfortunately, AJ has reduced fine motor skills, which are absolutely critical to efficiently building VFE Pedals. This means that the pedals AJ builds take more time, and are sometimes not as “pretty” – particularly with the internal components.

AJ is hard-working and dependable, so I have created a system where you can support AJ and get a VFE Pedal at a discounted price. How it works is simple – order a pedal from this page at about 24% off, and AJ will build it for you … They are held to the same high standards when it comes to tone & durability as all other VFE products – and are backed by VFE Pedal’s standard 1-year warranty.

Support AJ by getting B-stock pedals built with A+ heart!

How cool is that?  I have my eye on an AJ-built Triumvirate and/or an Alpha Dog.  Or, maybe AJ will learn to make the Fiery Red Horse…