Ventura Lyrics

Coast & Plains

They say that everyone feels a certain way
About the place they grew up in; they either hate it or love it
And every time you try to leave, it pulls you back
Like a lover who’s untrue, you try and leave and it kills you

Back home; the place that you came from

You left the uptight coast behind for the great midwest
What you thought you wanted, but the good life was haunted
And then you get this idea floating around in your head
Home wasn’t so bad, but you know that you can’t go

I’m one person leading two different lives,
Trying to make the coast and plains coincide

Back home; the place where you belong

Large’s Garden State

Sam, you know that you’re too cute
Strobe lights and unexpected shakes
Never got the best of you
My week back home’s been shot
Every which way but loose
You’re the weak link that broke addiction’s hold

What will we do with me?
We’ll break for Sunday
Don’t know why I can’t fly
We’ll break for Sunday

You know what I should do?
Go back home, continue acting
But if that’s my best excuse,
Momentum’s been leading nowhere
And four days has made a change;
What better place to start than love?

Sam, you let the credits roll
And then we’ll sort it out
Turn our whole attention to this love

While I Was Moving About Flyover Country

Hey, love, I heard you walking out
The February sun shines down
One year your steps took, reaching me
Their sound was covered in the chill breeze

I know just what you’re thinking
Time after time
What love, what life we’re missing?
What’s this goodbye?

How is our town and how are you?
Time’s tough; I haven’t come around
I’m scared my ears are getting worse
And I can’t find the words, but…

It wouldn’t take ten minutes to write our fortune
A horoscope; we’re authors of this bestseller
The Times prints us up, we’re translated to foreign languages
Our title; “Love, I Heard You Walking Back”

How can you stand it not to write?

Car Chase

You argue me blind
You rang, you read my mind, what
My melody might bring
A vocal army rallied your side
To say a new thing
It’s no peace they’re offering;
It’s silent rounds,
It’s death to sound

But in this heat wave, on a snow day
I do love you
In the worst way, through all our mistakes,
I do love you

Comfort in words instead of confidence is no comfort at all
Our peace is slowly crumbling by the minute
I said an old thing
You take it where you will,
But don’t ask me to stay, I can’t explain

How in this car chase,
Our greatest escape,
Scot-free, we sing for miles

You come at it once, combing the light to just get by
You’re coming again, learning to love in difference
Now will out, in time it will all work out

You’re coming again, learning to love in time

Lee’s Summit

Six months out, settled in
Frontier town, Mission Hills
Time to change my heart enough to fit our
Lonesome, crowded western state
Teach me how to pray, not as a hero; as a father
No one wins but we all play like high school stars
I quietly try to give the game away

Who can speak the language and not feel a thing?
Silently I saw you asking, “What
Do you call a love the mouths the words?
But isn’t ready for the living?”
I don’t know; it’s not enough

Say something wrong to me
Say something wrong to me;
Create an excuse that I can hold against you
It’s not much, but it’s not nothing, either
Say something wrong, justify me
You haven’t yet, and I don’t think you ever will

Were In Love

We were in love, we were the best of friends
We were an answer to each other
We thought it out, we thought that it could be
So when it broke, you played like it was cool,
That you were grown and you were growing
You little love, you’ll hurt yourself this way

You know you’re not to blame
Maybe I’ll see you in the winter
We’re moving and we’ve changed
Maybe I’ll see you in the summer
And all we are, we offer to the wind

You always said that everything we feel is just attending to a shadow
I learned it well; it had the ring of fate
But in my time I learned another way of loving deep, but never owning
You couldn’t see; you needed to be mine

Market Stress

Well you said “I’m under market stress” and
You said I can’t go on
You said I can’t go on and on and on

I don’t know, babe, just how it is what it is that you’re making me feel
We can hardly comprehend each other’s ways
And I’ll never hide what I don’t know
You said you’ve probably made this same mistake before
But now we’re on each other’s hands with a full day and a full night ahead

You said you needed a place where you could be alone
I’ll make arrangements, if that’s what it takes

This is the last time I will ever offer to…
This is the last time I will use this line
This is the last time I will make it possible
But I promise you this; you don’t know
What it is I’m offering through this song

Green Christine

Green Christine hums under my hands
Sixty-five on the highway
Alternating between moments
Over my driving, a vision, a mixture
I’ve seen them all before, but
This one smiles different

In the dark, in the heat, in the country stars
Could you start, could you see, could you charge, could you breathe,
Did we make love? Did we throw ourselves around?
In the back, on the seat, in the dash light,
Did we say what we mean? Did we promise to make things alright?
Love, we’ll make it home

Rain shortens the road, and chains ring low
I’m riding the breaks, I’m going home

You called as I crawled into my bed at four in the morning
My dad says I should try to forget
“You know, those Catholic girls, they’ll drive you so crazy”
And it’s ringing in my ears; my name when you whispered

Make Our Sound

In this corner of time, you Knower,
We of autumn have lived a long gift
Love reflected in love, in each other

Here I know just how we roll, and what we’re walking into
Another day, the morning breaks, an act of hope; just leaving bed
While these hands will turn to dust, and
I will join those on up

The years are heavy. We ache and wonder
Is there courage to face another?
A second’s vision; now I leave with grace

Let’s hear our fathers, as autumn turns to snow
Listen to our mothers’ thoughts on time will out; time, it will all run out

We will crawl, we will cry, walking into the night, we will make our sound
This is all I can say; love will make our way, and we’ll make our sound

Precious Love, take my hand, lead me on, let me stand, and we’ll make our sound
Through the storm, through the night, lead me on to the light, and we’ll make our sound

E Harbor Blvd

Fast as you are, you’re going to scorch your Chucks
No sooner stop you than I’d slow you up
Kid, you hit the streets and made ’em your own
Your keep your crown and never come home

But it’s all you need right now

Get ready, get ready, kid, come on up
Don’t look back, get ready!

Going your speed means burning up the brakes
We saw the wheel you threw a little too late
When you run so hot, you will break down
The speed you live’s what’s wearing you out

But it’s all you’ve seen ’til now
Yeah, it’s all you’ve seen ’til now