Acid Machine Beta

Quick today, in between Valiance vocal takes, check out this fun web-based synth, Acid Machine Beta.  Click here for a pattern I made; just press “Play” near the top of the screen to hear it.

acidmachinebetaAcid Machine Beta combines two pattern-sequenced oscillators with a drum machine and an optional song sequencer, and it runs in your browser.  It’s fun to experiment with, just to get a basic sense of what some of the main elements of synthesis are and what they can do.

Click “New” when you’re ready to make your own pattern (or just mess with mine), make use of the “Randomize” button, and goof around.  You can get a permalink to your pattern with the “Save” button, or even record a .WAV file of your pattern (I haven’t tested this myself).  Maybe I’ll use it to make an actual song for the Synth Project That Was Not Expected at some point.

Put links to your patterns in the comments!