Valiance Lyrics

Burning Days

Heard you walked again, though a hundred rides waited
(I) love the spirit, worry on the New-port winds
Those winds
Oh-oh, it’s hard not being alone on days that burn

Never spoke of it, the strength is in the secret
Trusting not to ask; only that your heart felt sure

Do you know? You were loved? You had me and so many more?
Would you have? Said yourself? You had your rock like Carly told?

Oh-oh, it’s hard not being alone on days that burn
Oh-oh, it’s hard to get the phone on days that burn

To The Infinite Boroughs

A little word is violent
An assumption of a war encourages division
What’s a fight without an enemy?
When we’re both the defense, and the foe?

They mean the very best here, but their prayers were answered
Ours were not
What’s a battle that lasts for eternity?
Why use fighting words, just for the world?
It’s just the world

The valiance and the victory
Is in the rasp of defiance, (ch-)ch-check it out:
“Grab your backstreet friend and get loud”

Will you speak to me now?
When will you know?

With a voice that’s rallying
To the infinite boroughs, ends of the earth
To the infinite earth
To the ends of the infinite earth

When will you know the valiance and the victory
Cannot be in the fight?
They are only in the life

That 80s Feel

Say wait, wait, wait and imagine where the story goes
Oh, just be honest
We’re not the first to get caught when the money came
Oh, there’ll never be a last

Pray, Sleepy, where’s that heart leading?
Tell me what we’re doing

Since the weather got into the hundreds
Oh, I cannot shake
The feeling that this all is connected
To the big collapse, to a heart attack

Hey, Sleepy, where’s that ’80s feel coming, coming from?
Hey, Sleepy, where’s that heart leading?

Hey, Sleepy, where’s that ’80s feel, tell me why we’re moving?
Hey, tell me what we’re doing? Sleepy?
Where’s that heart leading?

N Racine

Get into a taxi, kid, don’t you give the fare a thought
Spend it while it’s worth something, while the snow is deep
Fifty of us you could call, half a thousand cabs

Is it time, is this goodbye?

(You’re) going to hike it anyway, if I had to guess
Coming from the good life, we don’t let the cold get us
Scarves of every color made, hanging in your room; hanging in my room

Is it time?
Is this goodbye, is it time?

I imagine the sound of your boots
I can hear you, hear you breathing

Granted me the chance to ask, I halfway think you planned this end;
Valiant on N Racine, until the very last

Half A Million And More

Give me leave, lift each other on
Secret’s in both the sparkle and the mission

Fly on from here
Today’s as far as I’ll go, keep on your own

Through the black, think I hear a song
Half a million, minutes that I loved
Seasons of…

Fly on from here
Today’s as far as I’ll go, keep on your own
I want to see your backs against the sun
And pressing on
Today’s as far as I’ll go, keep on your own

Timeless Shade

Hey, Valiance
Yeah, I’m coming; Doc says it is
How’d you hide it? In the wind?

Aweigh-o-weigh, timeless shade, time is yours

I’m at work, got to go
Thanks for calling, I’ll see you soon
Keep your spirits in the room
And from vanishing
Calling you after

Aweigh-o-weigh, timeless shade, time is yours,
I am yours

Role Of A Lifetime

Before the call ends my role comes clear
Still asleep you couldn’t ask, but I was agreed

Someone needs to listen close
Free the questions
Open to the moments

Tell me all you want about the drugs; I won’t ask
I’ll attend your mind, your work, what you love, and
Reserve the fear

I don’t look at the odds
Or the folders the nurses give
You’re not odds;
You are radiant

Given this hell, I adored playing for you

Deeper Than Blood

Those moments, deeper than blood
Her devils, when they come

Who’s wondering? Who’s worrying?

Her angels, …

All hours, compounded power, will scatter away
All hours, compounded powers, are washing away

Persisting, in some unknown
My pilgrim, when you go

Who’s wondering? Who’s worrying?
I’m wondering, I’m worrying
I’m hurting, I’m healing

A Last Exhale

Oh, the winter’s come and gone
Left a shadow breathing in me
Lost my care about the end
Can I breathe the carbon ’til I sleep?

Having done what little’s mine
Finished out the role as needed
Oh, the weather is an empty stage
I can give myself the gift

Of a last exhale
Oh, a last exhale
Get past the pale

Would you say you feel it too?
Ringing emptiness of Abaddon?
Pulls the taste out of the world?
Leaves the dust that’s all we have to live on

There are days I cannot hold
There are mornings from the void of hell
There are nights I wish I had your place
Or at least the one beside

With a last exhale…

Oh, the winter’s come and gone
But the devils are alive in us

Beyond The Veil

When the pain came
They said it was worth a look
Oh kid, what did you think?

Like bombs buried in our guts
Suddenly life itself is repeating again,
Repeating again

When the pleasure’s like a note that changes everything
A taste to bring the memories back
Clearer than they were
Remember that we put on some good shows
And loved like we knew, that our sound
Our sound was fading

Like the 7:30 plane
Oh, I’m dying for an hour, at your room and you could say

What have you seen beyond the veil?
What did you see beyond the veil?

Through your eyes
I started to see beyond the veil
In your eyes
I started to see beyond…