Why “Ventura?”

In the back of the blog topic file I found a question from Jill; why is Ventura called “Ventura,” and is it because of Cory?

It is, but I don’t remember why exactly.

The collection of songs was gathered together under the name “Ventura” prior to my one visit there with him in 2006, almost certainly prior to even planning that trip.

At some point early on the east-to-west movement that connected those first few songs became apparent.  With the Pacific as the end point of this twenty-something punk symphony to leaving home and growing up, Ventura could stand in for a more mythic place of serenity.  It’s a milestone from which to look back on the journey so far, and prepare for the one ahead.

Plus, it’s a cool-sounding, lesser-known California town.  I certainly wouldn’t have known its name without knowing Cory.

Ventura, California’s relationship to Ventura is more concrete than Dodge City Kansas’ is to You Have To Wear The Boots’ Dodge, but there’s a symbolic similarity too.