The Loop Selector Lives

This has been the view from the basement for the last several weeks, and as of this afternoon it’s finally working perfectly.

(Though it looks like a crazy mess.)


It’s a loop selector (yet-to-be-named) meant to replace my Boss LS-2, with some enhancements over that design:

  • True bypass (on the master, not the individual loops)
  • Two footswitches (master bypass and Loop B) for accessing any sound with one stomp
  • Three routing options:
    • Loop A into Loop B (series mode)
    • Loop A in parallel with Loop B
    • Loop A -or- Loop B (flip-flop mode)
  • Trails bypass on the loops (for things like delay and reverb) (doesn’t work on the master bypass or on Loop A in series mode)
  • Polarity inversion (for making sure the returns in parallel mode are in phase)

This is going to be a fantastic recording tool, and I’ve been pushing to get it done so I can build it and start recording h&s guitar tracks with it.

Though, now that I’ve written about it… I’m revisiting the idea of making it buffered bypass.  <thinking emoji>

I’ll draw up the layout tonight or tomorrow, order parts, and maybe record synths until the parts arrive.