Cory made us an email list

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We’ll be emailing about just the big stuff, new releases and such.

There is a pop-up reminder, but you should only see it every 30 days.  Please contact me directly or comment if you have concerns about that.  Hate mail can go to:

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Thanks, Cory!

This Box Is Magic

After… two and a half months, tonight the SPFFy Loop Selector lives and breathes.

I’ll get nerdy about it on later; the upshot is that I wanted to build this before starting h&s guitar parts, and now I have.

Mic placement for said parts begins tomorrow night.  I’m so happy to have this done.  It’s been a good learning experience and I’m going to use the hell out of it but I’m beyond ready to make music for a while.  Every h&s song will have its own guitar sounds, mostly because of this box.

I’m considering open-sourcing the design, because it’s a pretty gnarly build.  Mostly because of drilling / fitting the hardware.  I probably won’t make one more; it would be zero, or a bunch (enough to make making drilling templates worthwhile).



I laid down two vocal tracks for Mars Lights last night.  We’ve officially started vocals for the duo LP & double LP.

Drew was excellent at clicking the mouse, telling me if my voice got too ‘Cher,’ and laughing about those Japanese baseball video game American names that have been making the rounds.

Two down, 18 to go.  (Counting Drew’s songs.  Nine to go for me.)