All Of A Sudden

I’m four songs deep into h&s vocals.

The rig may not look very inspiring, but it’s comfortable and sounds good.  EV RE320 and CAD M39; I set up the M39 on a lark to see what the omni pattern sounded like on my voice, and ended up really liking it.  I had planned on buying a Little Blondie to pair with the RE320 – that’s what we’re using for Mars Lights, and it sounds great – but I think it’s more the omni pattern, and less the Blondie specifically, that I think works with my voice.

(Here’s a great article on mic polar patterns I just ran across:

Lyrics for only two more songs are ready to go, so it may be slower going after this as I need to finish writing.  Scott’s school year is over but he’s been in Orlando with kids on a band/choir trip; once he’s back and has a few rounds of golf under his belt, we’ll figure out when and where we’ll track his backing vocals and any other of his instrumental bits.