I’m recording h&s vocals this weekend, and had the thought that tracking vocal takes is a lot like what I imagine running a luge track would be like.

Hear me out.

  • Each song/track is different
  • As you take repeated runs at a song/track, you learn its straights and curves, and can start to anticipate things and fine-tune your performance
  • Your voice/luge is a powerful instrument…
  • … and one you must respect at all times.  One wrong move, and you’ve wrecked
  • The harder you push, the more the preceding point is true.  Flying around corners might get you a personal best, or you might end up in the trees

I’ve done a song every day for the past three, and should be able to do keep pace over the next three as well.  That would leave just one for next week or weekend.

Scott will be back in late July to finish backing vox, and that will almost wrap tracking.  We’ll probably get together later in the summer/fall for some percussion stuff and other extras.

I can feel being ready to be done tracking coming on.  Recording vocals for a song is a two-hour episode of intense focus, with a voice that’s mostly-but-not-entirely cooperative and no guarantee that I’ll love the results.  Psyching myself up to go there, and then to edit the thing, doesn’t come for nothing.