MR|signal re-launch

We have re-launched MR|signal, our reverse-chronological label-plus-extras compilation, on Bandcamp.

Like the weather on the great plains, if you don’t like what you’re hearing just wait five minutes.

As of today I’ve gone about halfway back to the start of all this music; the other half is coming later this summer, and I’ll throw on some of the really old h&s and Shacker pre-MFR stuff in the spirit of those extras (I’m enjoying having “Be Still” and Five Star Crush represented in this version of the comp).

Because people ask, what I’ve contributed to each song is below the fold:

Cool Drugs, “So Far To Go” (MFR049 – 2017) – music, lyrics, guitar, bass, drum programming, vocals, mixing, mastering

Night Mode, “Adjacency” (MFR048 – 2016) – music, synths, drum programming, mixing, mastering

Dark Satellites, “Strange Song” (2016) – drums, mastering

Cory Kibler with Sally Ride, “You Call To Me (MFR047 – 2016) – drums, bass, electric guitar, keys, backing vocals, mixing, mastering

Sally Ride, “To The Infinite Boroughs” (MFR046 – 2015) – music, lyrics, guitar, vocals, mixing, mastering

Mars Lights, “Ghost You Out” (MFR045 – 2015) – music, lyrics, rhythm guitar, vocals, mastering

D-Rockets, “Clockblocking” (Robot, Creep Closer! cover) (MFR044 – 2014) – mastering

Sally Ride, “Coast & Plains” (MFR043 – 2014) – music, drums, bass, guitar, vocals, mixing, mastering

Panda Face, “Moon Gazer” (MFR042 – 2013) – (no credits)

Strawberry Burns, “Long Gone” (MFR041 – 2012) – mastering

The Sleepover, “I Get What I Ask For” (live at the Zoo Bar) (MFR040 – 2012) – drums, mixing, mastering

Dark Satellites, “Creeep” (MFR039 – 2012) – mastering

The Sleepover, “In Circles” (MFR038 – 2011) – drums, mastering

Mars Lights, “Cold Burn f Scott Morris” (MFR037 – 2011) – rhythm guitar, vocals, mixing, mastering

White Air, “Breathe In” (MFR036 – 2011) – mastering

Panda Face, “EVIL” (MFR035 – 2011) – (no credits)

Sally Ride, “Storm and Stake” (MFR034 – 2010) – music, lyrics, drums, bass, guitar, vocals, mixing, mastering

The Golden Age, “Behind Your Knees” (MFR033 – 2010) – (no credits)

Panda Face, “I See Something” (MFR032 – 2010) – (no credits)

Ember Schrag, “La Maria” (MFR031 – 2009) – mastering

White Air, “Are You Happy Now?” (MFR030 – 2009) – mastering

Sally Ride, “The Biggest Choice You Make (Every Day)” (MFR029 – 2009) – music, lyrics, bass, guitar, keys, vocals, mixing, mastering

Five Star Crush, “Aasta” (live at The Replay Lounge) (2007) – music (co-write with Joel Hines), keys, backing vocals

Five Star Crush, “Ms. Trouble” (2007) – music (co-write with Joel Hines), keys