V for Voice Lyrics

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1- When Breathing

When breathing in sukhasana, you felt the trouble trickle up
In trust, when breathing

I wonder what role I could play, a part that won’t exacerbate
A shame, when breathing

Lay it down, lay it down, love
Your burden is easy to see
Lift your eyes, what’s the trouble?
Your shoulders are starting to slip

Resting in the moment, strong inside the questions
Electric and vertiginous, to feel the whole surroundedness

Lay it down, lay it down, love…

2- Gabriel Speaks

Sound of gods, when Gabriel speaks his voices hammer
Pounding through my blood
Let myself feel this tongue of steel cutting through my fall
I don’t know why I’ve wasted all these years
Turn my face away when Gabriel speaks, I’ll

Find another way

To stand, draw my breath, and speak back
I saw my only choice; to silence myself
Today I can choose again, claim a new voice

I’ll find another way

I can’t explain, it shatters me so

I’ll find another way

3- We Are 1nes

I was almost on the surface, I was almost fine
Closely swimming in my health
I was barely scratching purposes between us lie
Summer’s coming

We are the ones whose understanding lets us make it
Yeah, we’ll make it

Winterlude, lovely weather
Setting mood; existential

When it’s shouted out across the waters, weeks went by
State your progress
Stated silently through inner structures and gray lines
We can think this

We are the ones…

4- Khreap Corbz Smarggh

Set it off with nothing amazing;
A little riot; the softest-ever missile exchange
Out of place by fractions of inches
How did one inflection launch a match for the ages of ages?

Quiet as stars in the moment
Watch a hundred miles
Hearing the grass as it’s growing
You’ll see me when? Know me, when?

Hurt too real to speak
Howling voids repeat and repeat

Holding back bigger decisions
Building up a debt of mercy we’ll have to pay
Keep my chords small you hear them
Try to clear a thousand heartaches I never shared, never shared

Will I

Still wait?

One night, one life?

In the risk we change
Never twice the same

5- Traveling Mercies

You couldn’t help, but why’d you even think to worry?
I said I’m fine a million times
And when it hurt, I was surrounded by the hands of mercy
Pain unspoken; of course they knew

In another life, I would have shared with you every secret
Every needle, every pill
But I don’t know why we’d spend these precious minutes
On anything but life, well-lived

Come what has, why’d you even think to worry?
I loved it all, I’d live it all again
Come what will be, try to know our time is all we are

If there’s love beyond the veil no science pierces
You will feel it burn from me
And if there’s only what we do with what we’re given
I am proud of who you’ll be

Come what has, why’d you even think to worry?

6- Beams

Beam us off to Thestias yesterday
Hard to think there’s anything left to say
Got enough of this atmosphere
Fire the Falcons up and disappear

Jet us off, rocket away
Let us leave, come back closer

Pressure like Astarte’s ambience
Counting down as heartless as seconds pass
What you get when you press so hard;
Did you argue them back to Eisenhower?

Warp us off, hyper away for now
Come back closer

Dropping everyone off of this channel to see what may come

7- Usually On A Battlefield

A wilderness of mirrors
Complete disinformation
The fakest and the real
Am I awake?

Weaponized and used
Projected on and lied to

We are awake
We’re not awake
Lightness awakes

Voices awake

8- Let Them Land

One ray

Come awake

No wave

Saved in radiance

9- After The Rain

Sense of summer coming on, who am I to stay?
Rain will wash the streets of salt
Winter’s cover fades, send you on ahead
Leave me in the March before
Chance take me instead

Love lost’s ache

Sharp as ever through the years
Cut, but never dull
Whispers just how real it was

Love known’s trace

Everyone is how it heals
Everywhere a need is real
Everything’s the way it feels
Everwhere a need is real
Everyone is how it heals

10- When Breathing (Stops)

My Love, I don’t know your reasons
How you wax and wane
And what you’re telling me is you don’t really, either?
What can we take away?
I don’t care what I’ve heard before

Now then, if this is where He leaves us
Left impossibly alone
Then I will do the reading, and
You keep on retrieving a way home

So, Love, where are your questions leading?
Love, ’til now we got off easy
When breathing

Oh, life, you have an expectation;
We’ll be reciprocators; accountants to a fault
But I want to give a little more
I need a courage that could stand the black, stand the debt
When breathing

So, Love, where are your questions leading, Love?
‘Til now we got off easy
Love, where did you go, Love? When I needed you?

When breathing stops?