What Beastie Boys and High On Fire Have In Common

There’s music for when you’re happy.

There’s music for when you’re hurting.

Not a lot of music works for both feelings, but here’s some that does for me.

High On Fire – Need everyone out of your face? Hell yeah. Blazing down the highway in a souped up Z/28 toward the best time of your life? DOUBLE HELL YEAH.

Run The Jewels – Goes without saying. Mike & El will save you, then MC your cookout.

Jim James – Specifically “Regions of Light and Sound of God” and “Eternally Even,” which are vulnerable and transcendent and mountain-funky.

Yob – The beauty and the absolute fury are the closest thing to capturing what my experience is like on the inside.

Doomtree – The crew records, in particular, speak directly to my body, mind, and heart at once.

Beastie Boys – Every other artist here helps me feel seen, heard, and known when I’m in a rough spot. Beastie Boys are the only ones who can drag me up a notch or two with sheer musical power.