Meet the Thereatari

The Thereatari is my own adaptation/revision/expansion of the classic 555 timer / Atari Punk Console noise synth with photoresistor control of 4 parameters, tone control, alternate voicing (gives alllllmost a full chromatic octave on the fine pitch control), current starve, and control voltage inputs for the oscillators.

I had been doing research for this project before the lockdown, designed and breadboarded it in late March / early April, ordered parts, made some other music, soldered, made some other music… and finally got it troubleshot and put together last weekend.

The jacks on the sides are separate passive mixers; in addition to the noise synth, this box is designed to pull together my Monotribe / Volca Bass / pedals mini rig.

They were out of blue 1900 knobs when I ordered parts so the “Fine” tuning knob is temporarily black.

More music with the full mini rig is definitely coming. Even in the half-assembled state it’s been in it is super fun to jam on.

Three big album releases are coming in fairly short order, too.

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