Made a Night Mode Record This Week

Last weekend a couple of new modules for my modular case arrived – a 2hp Tune and an EricaSynths Pico VCO – and in the course of learning to use them I made a quick Night Mode record, as one does, five pieces with the modular, MS-20, and 1776 Effects Multiplex delay pedal.

I’m using it as a reason to update the Night Mode timeline, below.

EDIT 2021 MARCH 25: Drew reminded me of the “Murder Mountain” session. After digging around, my best guess is that we recorded this material – maybe an album’s worth, or more – on two dates in May and June 2019

Feb – Dec ’15OTHER
Jan – Aug ’16Dirac Spike
Feb ’17Duo (H/Damon) –
Mar ’17Trio –
Load Exceedance
Load Transcendance
Mar – Jul ’17Your Pain Matters
?? – Jul ’18Gentleman Scientist(there’s a Drew/Damon
noise / Marshall reamp /
drums project in
here somewhere
Jan – Apr ’18Working Bears Or Barely Working (unreleased)
Jan ’18 – Mar ’19Only Mostly Dead
Come In Alone / Stuck On You (Sep ’18) (unreleased)
May 8 – Jun 6 ’19Duo (Drew/H) – Murder Mountain
Jun – Nov ’19Not One Person Left Out (unreleased)
Jan-Feb ’20Duo (Drew/H) –
Mar ’20Duo (Drew/H) –
Summer / fall ’21Asterales x Night Mode “Orbital Debris Vol. 1” and “Extra Junk”
Jan ’21Title TK
In progress:
Digitone + 1 LP
In progress:
Seen Heard and Known,
Monotribe record(s) (Oct ’19 – ??),
AX60 record (Nov ’19 – ??),
Medusa record (Apr ’20 – ??),
Noise record (Mar ’20)
Frank-N-Puter x Night Mode (summer ’20 – spring ’21)
MS-20/Pico (March ’21)