Night Mode “Nobody Lived” Out Now On Completely Gone Recordings

For the first time, we’re releasing music on another label! Night Mode’s new album Nobody Lived is out now courtesy of Completely Gone Recordings.

Nobody Lived is the live set Drew and I were preparing in March 2020, as the pandemic loomed. The show at Records with Merritt was ultimately cancelled. From the liner notes, the email that got it started –

“like 1:00 sunday? my idea for a piece is building up a volca bass sequence in the C dim scale (or any diminished scale, but C is easyish) and tearing it back down to noise/sub freqs. then i was thinking the paraphonic ms20 patch as an accompaniment to something of yours.”

These sessions also yielded the tracks “No One,” which appeared on Completely Gone Recordings’ Volume VIII compilation, and “No Two” (Silber Records Droneuary 2021).