“Fight Songs” Guitars Are Done!

I finished guitars for Fight Songs last week, I think Friday night. The last few tracks were Motown-inspired guitar DIs using the setup below.

Something old, something new, something I made, something from Radio Shack. That’s how it goes, right?

Signal path, from the right:

Pigtronix Philosopher’s Tone Germanium Gold Micro – Quite a mouthful for this little optical compressor. Picked it up used on a lark based on how much I’ve enjoyed the DOD 280 reissue, and the added blend and grit controls are nice additions.

Fulltone GT-500 – Haven’t used this in quite a while. As I was recording I decided I wanted a kind of cocked wah sound, but an actual wah was too much. The inductor-based mids control on the distortion side of the 500 was perfect cranked all the way up. Only used this for the EQ, it’s not doing any distortion.

Mr. Furious Audio Falcon Heavy Drive – Getting some 2nd harmonic saturation here, using the bridged-T mid notch, and shelving off some low end.

Radio Shack DI – This is a cheap transformer-based DI that works great for the vintage, bandpassed sound I wanted.

Next I’m going to take some time to get the mixes into rough shape, write lyrics (about half the songs are already done, maybe more than half), and do a bunch of pedal projects before I dive back into recording vocals and miscellaneous percussion. Then keys, backing vocals, guest artists’ parts, and… we’ll just about have a record.