All Of The Project Updates

So much music! Not a lot of blogging :\

  • Fight Songs – Lead vocals are done. Getting the mixes into shape to send out to collaborators and for writing backing vocals and keys
  • Night Mode – Two albums (companions) out to Drew and Damon for review/approval/release. Third album Only Mostly Dead probably finished and ready for art / CDs
  • Got weird and just made a noise project over the weekend, probably coming within a week or two under a new name. Might be a one-off, listening to it now!
  • SP-404 – Collaborative album with DrumBrute jams x Royce Diamond vocal samples coming together quickly. Seven down, two to go. Remix beat tape also progressing. Can’t decide which order to release them in
  • ESR Graphic Fuzz variant – On hold while I sang. Still thinking about it
  • Ampeg V4 – Back from the tech. Need to plug it in just for fun, probably tonight
  • LPLP – Returning soon! Nate’s been working on some refreshed logistics to make things easier for our guests

I think that’s most of it? Santa brought two new modular… modules… and I’m still figuring them out, but I’m sure I’ll make a record with those soon in the vein of Thinking About The Meaninglessness

This noise thing is niche, but really cool, I think.