Been Worse About Blogging Than I Thought

A lot’s going on though.

Had great guests on the podcast.

Waiting on Fight Songs guests to send their parts in (thanks Cory!). About half the songs are pretty well mixed.

Got an album of DrumBrute beats, synth, and Royce’s vocals ready to drop as soon as we make a release plan. The follow-up is well underway too, with Monotribe beats and different vocalists this time.

I designed a new pedal, the “5KR” for Five Knob Rangemaster, and parts arrived yesterday for a 6-unit run.

Built a remote switch for my Pigtronix Echolution and I’ve been practicing my pentatonic scales over loops.

Was well into a MS-20 and modular record when I stupidly fried a $300 module. Have replaced the module but haven’t psyched myself back up to play yet.

My 404 mkII arrived and I’ve started on it a little bit, but nothing serious yet. I don’t think there’s been space in my brain.