Falling Into Place

On the 13th I had an unusually creative day, and I talked about it, among other things, with Cory.

What I didn’t get around to saying in the pod was that Sunday wasn’t just about conceptualizing a new h&s project that ties together some of the old “hiplife” ideas and new dream/404 songs; Sunday was also about the way that that breakthrough cascaded through my other folders and playlists of demos and made other projects snap into place as well. Dreaming up the h&s party/hiplife LP freed up some marginally-h&s guitar songs for a M/S Ride guitar album that mixes Tom Petty / tremolo riffs with Smashing Pumpkins / Small Stone ideas, it might have pulled a couple odd songs out of “Orbital Debris vol. 2” and solidified that as more of an electro project in line with vol. 1, etc.

This isn’t a new kind of day, I have these days every few years. I was flipping through old song sheets just this week, looking for something (didn’t find it… a hiplife song title I may have imagined of another banger to compliment “No Smoking Highly Inflammable”) and I found a sheet from around 2005 where I did the same thing, sorting songs into what became “It’s a Trap,” “You Have To Wear The Boots,” and other projects. Some of the songs never got done. Some of the EPs/LPs never got done! It never gets all done. I trust that the best stuff and the stuff I need to make for whatever reason is what gets done.