MFR and Night Mode Data Visualizations Update

I’ve updated the data visualizations with our latest releases, plus some enhancements.

As we approach twenty years in the independent label game, we have as much music coming out as ever. I wish I had a way to embed this as an interactive visualization, because in Power BI where I created this you can hover to get actual artists and album titles.

One thing you *can* see, in the rainbow of artists, is Night Mode; the salmon pink that starts in 2016 and dominates 2019 – present.

There’s a good chance we’ll put out at least four more records this year, continuing the renaissance that started in 2019 (pre-pandemic! This is not just a COVID phenomenon).

Changes to the Night Mode chart include adding the newest releases, clearing up some older stuff (mostly 404-based material that’s ending up under “M/S Ride”), and color-coding the approximate “eras” of Night Mode. Of course “eras” are subject to interpretation, and have fuzzier starts and ends than the color changes would indicate.

The first, blue era kicks things off and releases mostly follow recordings, with the major exception of “I Could Not Bring Myself To Sing.”

The second, yellow era is anchored by our second solo Night Mode projects, “Gentlemen Scientist” (Drew) and “Your Pain Matters” (me).

Green era three is a collaborative time that encompasses pre- and early-pandemic, where Drew and I were figuring out how to write, perform, and record live sets with just the two of us. Very successful era!

Fourth, red era are my mid-pandemic collaborations with Nate, Christopher, and Dad, plus a quick solo joint.

Finally, I’ve set “Exoplanetary Shadows” in new era, though it could also go with the fourth era.

We’re not finished releasing recordings from earlier eras; “Murder Mountain,” the AX-60 project, and the TM+QuantiZer project will all certainly come out, and maybe others as well.