All The Things

Been a while since I updated, but it’s not for nothing going on; too much, rather! Many things. All of the things.

  • “Frog On The King’s Head,” my first record on the 404mkII, keeps rolling along. Five songs are essentially done save for little mix tweaks, and in the past few weeks I’ve finished three more instrumentals. (It’s a 10-song record.) It’ll be out of order but I’m excited to share it so I think I’ll release it about as soon as it’s ready, mid- to late summer
  • In February Daniel G (Hypermortal, L.U.V.C.R.A.F., etc.) and I were talking and spontaneously decided to make a house record. It… is not going to sound anything like a house record. It’s weird progressive synth music with otherworldly vocals and a few guitars. We’re having a blast, though, using the back-and-forth process Nate and I used for “Orbital Debris”
  • Anywaves keeps sending tracks, and I keep mastering them :)
  • I’m working on a Drone Space Nine record in VCV Rack, inspired by the first DS9 but starting from scratch and building the space station sounds to my exact specs
  • Melodies and lyrics for the next M/S Ride guitar record, “Jam My Wave / Don’t Jam My Wave,” emerge from time to time as I continue listening to the instrumental demos
  • The Leploop remains fun, and I’m building some passive breakout boxes/controls to make better use of its modular outputs and inputs. I’ve intentionally avoided recording much with it yet in order to gain experience and just keep exploring before starting to “work” on recordings, but it does appear a little on “Frog…” and I have one good test-jam-turned-keeper on the 404mkII
  • In the garage I’m working on turning my Graphic Fuzz Variant into a PCB format to do a run. The PCB is much more stable compared to the breadboard, so I’ll have to change some things to get the breadboard sounds in the PCB format

This list is mostly for me, but I hope your projects are going well, whatever they are. And I’d be happy to hear about them.