One For The Scott Fans

Over the weekend I ran into VB, Paul B’s mom at the library event (Hi, Paul!  She said you check the site but I wasn’t sure which one so I’m posting both on the main MFR site and the howie&scott sub-site.  Very cool that you keep tabs on us, I had no idea!).  For Paul and everyone else I wanted to post an update on recent-ish and upcoming music Scott and I have made / are making, since it’s not all under the h&s name.

“V for Voice”, our 2019 comeback record –

“An Evening at Home with Howie and Scott,” our deep pandemic stay-at-home EP –

My solo record “Fight Songs” features Scott on the title track, “(She Was) The Greatest (By Far),” and closer “So, Did I Miss You?” (which could have easily been a h&s song) –

The song “Let Me Show You” from my sample-based / remix / mash-up project “Presents A Weirdest Beat Tape” is basically a remix of “Beams” from “V for Voice” –

The Song “Digital Sin f Van Ripper” from my beat-based album “Frog On The Kings Head” contains samples of Scott’s sax from our cover of Goldfinger’s “Miles Away,” which is a hidden bonus track in the Bandcamp download version of “An Evening At Home with Howie and Scott” –

Not too bad for the past five years! We have tons of ideas for h&s projects, and have picked one to start on, but haven’t actually begun yet.  Scott’s understandably busy with family and teaching, and I’ve been keeping plenty of plates spinning myself.  I’m making good progress on a guitar-based solo record, “Jam My Wave,” as a follow-up to “Fight Songs” and Scott will feature on as many of those tracks as he has time for.  I have the first one picked out and we’ll go from there.

I’m more excited than ever about the creative possibilities for us.  In the early years I was writing songs so fast that I didn’t give Scott much time to dial in his parts, we just bashed through everything in an effort to get as many songs recorded as possible.  Starting on “V for Voice” and increasing from there we’ve collaborated more and earlier in the process, which 1) is fun and 2) results in a more unified and distilled presentation of our ideas and strengths, I think.  There’s definitely more to come… just can’t say when for sure!