Falling Into Place

On the 13th I had an unusually creative day, and I talked about it, among other things, with Cory.

What I didn’t get around to saying in the pod was that Sunday wasn’t just about conceptualizing a new h&s project that ties together some of the old “hiplife” ideas and new dream/404 songs; Sunday was also about the way that that breakthrough cascaded through my other folders and playlists of demos and made other projects snap into place as well. Dreaming up the h&s party/hiplife LP freed up some marginally-h&s guitar songs for a M/S Ride guitar album that mixes Tom Petty / tremolo riffs with Smashing Pumpkins / Small Stone ideas, it might have pulled a couple odd songs out of “Orbital Debris vol. 2” and solidified that as more of an electro project in line with vol. 1, etc.

This isn’t a new kind of day, I have these days every few years. I was flipping through old song sheets just this week, looking for something (didn’t find it… a hiplife song title I may have imagined of another banger to compliment “No Smoking Highly Inflammable”) and I found a sheet from around 2005 where I did the same thing, sorting songs into what became “It’s a Trap,” “You Have To Wear The Boots,” and other projects. Some of the songs never got done. Some of the EPs/LPs never got done! It never gets all done. I trust that the best stuff and the stuff I need to make for whatever reason is what gets done.

“Fight Songs” Lyrics


I was wrong, you were right, you can spell it how you like
Common sense be damned, full speed ahead
Conventions never were your thing
Type those pretty thoughts into the night
Talking hard
I used “proscribe,” you called me out
You know I love to argue, babe
I don’t take prisoners but I’ll fight you fair
Maybe I’m the lunatic you’re looking for

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