New LPLP – “Small Guarantees” by Selvedge and Til Willis

A new episode of The Long Play Listening Party is out, featuring Til Willis and Selvedge’s album “Small Guarantees.” Get the episode on YouTube, Instagram, or your favorite podcast platform (now including Google Podcasts!) here:

Here’s the record –

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Ebony Tusks on The Long Play Listening Party

New episode, new feeds! Marty opens up about “Heal_Thyself,” Ebony Tusks’ incredible new LP. This was a really special conversation and I hope you’ll check it out, whatever kind of music you’re into.

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Here’s just the music –

“Orbital Debris Vol. 1” Listening Party

It’s a preview. It’s talking about music. It’s gear. It’s a deep dive. It’s an interview.

I don’t know how to explain it, but I’m excited to share it with you. Nate, KC engineer and artist Royce Diamond, and I listened to the record together and recorded our conversation.

Come for the jams, stay for the hang, and let us know what you think because we feel like we could do some more of these.