2009 Release Schedule

While every other site, publication, and social media network is looking back at the best of 2008, we’re going to set our sights forward into a mega-exciting 2009. (Maybe we’ll take our turn next week on the new music we’ve discovered this year.) Here’s what’s coming in the new year from Mr. Furious Records, including:

January – The Sleepover, “The Sleepover” EP

February – Arturo Got The Shaft, “Blame It On The Beer” (on “Furious Instance”)

February – The Golden Age, “Calla Lily” EP (re-release)

March – The Golden Age, “LP” *Previously Unreleased*!!!!!1111

May – Sally Ride, “You Have To Wear The Boots” -or- “There is Something and not nothing” -or- a new release by Cory Kibler

July – Something new from Cory or SR, depending on what was released in May

XMAS 4.0

All – We’ll be releasing this year’s “XMAS,” with Cory’s new song “It’s a Christmas Thing,” in just a bit tonight.  (Update: archive.org’s FTP is being super-slow; I expect now to have XMAS out tomorrow (Monday) night.  Thanks for your patience. -h)  I recorded the backing vocals and horns/keys late this afternoon, which is pretty rocking; it never gets old recording and releasing something so quickly.  Baby Jesus Save the Internets.

In addition to the new track, Cory’s version of “How We Can Know” from “The Silent Woods” has replaced the older 2005 version on “XMAS.”

I talked to ScoMo the other day, and he may yet contribute this year; if so, it will become track 2, and bump the others back.

Next week we’ll be announcing our release schedule for early 2009, which is super-exciting.  You have no idea.  But you will.  Next week.  -h