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Tim Scahill (Rent Money Big, Knots, Irkutsk) Releases “Overthrown”

17 August 2014 in [blog]

Our friend Tim’s new solo joint, Overthrown, is up for streaming on SoundCloud!  Check it out below.

I think this is a new high-water mark for Tim, and I’m really digging this.

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Howie & Tim Acoustic Next Saturday

9 August 2014 in News

Jill’s kicking off her Feed Your heArt series of beginner art workshops with an Art Frenzy Night next Saturday, August 16, from 6-8 PM at the Arts Asylum in KC.  Tim and I will provide music throughout the event, drawing on Ventura, other MFR releases, and maybe some covers.  It will just be flying by the seats of our pants like that.

Art Frenzy Night is free, and the leaders of the various workshops will be presenting to give you a better idea of what you can expect from their events.  Come, check it out, enjoy some low-key jams, see if I’m able to convince Tim to tune to A=432 Hz, and sign up for whatever interests you.

In Jill’s own words:

Feed Your heArt was created with the idea that no matter where you are in your artistic journey (even if it’s “nowhere”), you can always start somewhere. You can always start again. Art feeds our hearts, fuels us, prepares us to handle another day.

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The July of Experimentation

27 July 2014 in [blog]

I’ve tried a bunch of new things over the past couple weeks, all of which are worth playing with if you’re interested.

  • Harmonica – With the help of some great YouTube videos, I’m finally learning to bend notes on the harp in preparation for a specific overdub I want to do on Cory’s solo record.  As one of the videos said, it’s kind of like mimicking Darth Vader’s breathing, but with a harmonic in your mouth.
  • Funkbox – A really fun vintage drum machine emulator and then some for iPad/iPhone.  I’m trying it before dropping semi-serious money on a VolcaBeats for a back-burner project with Drew.
  • Slide guitar – If by “slide,” you can imagine “a Sharpie held awkwardly in my left hand.”  It’s gone well enough that I probably need a real slide, though.  This is also in anticipation of some overdubs on Cory’s album, in concert with…
  • Open G tuning, also known as “how Keith Richards plays.”  All those brilliant Stones riffs that are nigh-impossible in standard tuning?  No problem in open G.  Differing slightly from Keef, I’m using the top 5 strings for open G, and tuning my low string down to D so I can still play two-note power chords on the two lowest strings.
  • Tilt/Slant EQ – This simple but underused approach to EQ takes a center frequency and boosts treble / cuts bass (or vice versa) with a very even response, just like it sounds (more details here; the link is about a specific product, but does a good job of elaborating on tilt EQ generally).  It’s best used at lower levels, up to +/- 6 db or so, to brighten or darken sounds very naturally and transparently.  I’ve been testing it on an overly dark bass track to lighten it up a bit, with good results, and I think I’ll be using it a lot on future mixes.  Dedicated Tilt/Slant EQ hardware or plugins can be hard to find (there are some VSTs out there that I haven’t tested), but you can make your own by combining high and low shelf EQs with the same cutoff frequency and lower Qs.  Center frequencies typically range from 600 – 1000 Hz.

Have you tried anything cool lately?

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