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Mars Lights THIS FRIDAY at Fokl, KCK

18 June 2014 in News


2014 June 20, Friday – Kansas City, KS – Mars Lights at FOKL w/ Expo 70 and Parents.  All ages, free, 9 PM.

2014 August 28, Thursday – Kansas City, MO – Mars Lights at Czar Bar w/ Vehicles.

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On My One Visit To Ventura…

11 June 2014 in Images

Back in March 2006, Cory and I thought that we’d be recording the album soon.  We did a DIY cover photo shoot at the pier in anticipation of that.

Here’s an early version of what that cover would have looked like.  The font and general color scheme persisted to the final version, but the live shots were too old to really use eight years later.


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Ventura Alternate Cover

7 June 2014 in Images

At the last minute, I pulled this guy from the cover of Ventura.  A sun wearing sunglasses seemed like enough silliness for the record, without bringing intertubes memes into the proceedings.

In case you prefer it, though, here he is:

Ventura CoveAlternate

Happy little guy.

If you switch, would you let me know in the comments?

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