FIVE STAR CRUSH | Five Star Crush

Lyrics by Joel Hines, music by Joel Hines and Five Star Crush.

Joel Hines (vocals, guitar), Eric Cornwell (lead guitar), Danny Lange (bass, programming and guitar on “Fate of Choice”), Howie Howard (keys, backing vocals), Matt Pluff (drums).

Recorded and mixed by Duane Trower at West End Studios except “Fate of Choice and “Bang Bang” recorded and mixed at home. Mastered by Howie.

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All Of The Orange

After burning a tube at the Jackpot the other week, Drew’s talking about bringing his vintage Orange OR80 to the Riot Room next Sunday. You probably want to hear that.

Bring your preferred hearing protection, though.

2015 April 12, Sunday – Kansas City, MO – Mars Lights at The Riot Room w/ Drag Me To Safe Harbour and Riala. $5-10, ages 21+, 8 PM, FB event.

2015 April 19, Sunday – Lawrence, KS – Dark Satellites at 8th St Taproom w/ Deerpeople, Hyperbor. $3, ??? ages, 10 PM, FB event.


Mars Lights on KKFI

DJ Sunshine’s been spinning us on her Retro Red-Eye Express show. It was “All Tied Up” the other week, and I just sent her the Bang EP, so we hope she enjoys “Radio Edit (Radio Edit)” (or the long one!) and “Ghost You Out.”

Get Some Dark Satellites and Mars Lights On Your Calendars

Updated again 15 March with additional bands and details

Updated 14 March 2015 with an additional DS show!

2015 March 18, Wednesday – Kansas City, MO – Dark Satellites at The Brick w/ Drew BlackMedicine Theory.  $???, ??? ages, 9 PM, FB event page.


2015 March 24, Tuesday – Lawrence, KS – Mars Lights at The Jackpot w/ Blue DreamBraingea.  $???, ALL AGES, 8 PM.

2015 April 12, Sunday – Kansas City, MO – Mars Lights at The Riot Room w/ Drag Me To Safe Harbour. $5-10, ages 21+, 8 PM, FB event page.

2015 April 19, Sunday – Lawrence, KS – Dark Satellites at 8th St Taproom w/ Deerpeople, TBA. $3, ??? ages, 10 PM.

Clinch Mob Compilation

I’ve supported the Clinch Mob Compilation for Lincoln musician Pat Clinch’s medical expenses, and I hope you’ll check it out and participate, too. Pat’s a veteran of Strawberry Burns and was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The comp includes b-sides, unreleased, and new tracks from bands like Ideal Cleaners, Tangelo, Mezcal Brothers, Panda Face, Shacker, and more.

Mixing on a Console for the First Time

A couple months ago Drew and I went in together on a late 1970s Soundtracs FME mixing console, based on Duane’s recommendation.  We scored a good deal on eBay, carefully dragged the 225-pound unit (console + road case) down to the basement, and this past Monday I got to work with it for the first time.


First I tested each channel with one signal, listening and compensating for any differences among them. These circuits are 35+ years old, and have drifted a bit; to get each channel to sound the same I used preamp gain settings as much as 11 dB apart, EQ adjustments of -1.5 dB to +3 dB, and levels as much 4.5 dB apart. That took all morning, and while we’ll tweak it as we continue to use the board, those settings will be a foundation we can start mixes from in the future.


Then I actually mixed a five-song project for upcoming release on MFR. I’d already gotten the mixes to a state I was happy with in ProTools, so I was just routing those tracks through the console and back into ProTools in stereo, making fine adjustments.


Mixing on the Soundtracs was brilliant; revelatory, really.  Even at levels below clipping, the preamps subtly compress and add harmonics in a beautiful way.  The EQ was the best part, though.  In ProTools, I’ll spend weeks on a mix agonizing over tiny changes in EQ, trying to get things to sound their best.  On the console it’s simple and natural to turn up the level, sweep the frequency for the range I want to affect, and bring the level back down until I’ve achieved what I want to hear.


It wasn’t cheap, but even so this piece of gear was well worth it for us, and offers good bang-for-buck in that it will substantially improve every mix we do (think: new Mars Lights LP, new Dark Satelliets LP, Cory’s solo project, and more) from now on.  And it’s fun to use.

As a bonus, here are some pics of Drew pole-dancing in Wichita Friday night, then deciding to sit on the floor and enjoy the music, at the Mars Lights / Vehicles / Admirals show.

2015-02-20Drew2 2015-02-20Drew