Mixing Valiance and Cory’s LP


Spent the day at Drew’s mixing two projects on the Soundtracs board. A long day, but worth it. I’m happier with Valiance today than ever before. Cory’s mix already sounded good to me, and the console gives it a whole new level.

Look for them both out soon!

It Lives!!

My BuildYourOwnClone.com Confidence Boost kit came together in a snap, no problem.  It lives, it breathes, it boosts!


Next up, a Large Beaver (which will replace my EHX Bass Big Muff Pi) built to Triangle-era specs. Might be a couple weeks before I get to that, but I’m pretty psyched about it.

Kansas City House Show, Saturday August 29

House Shwarming 1

7 PM, Jill & Tim’s house (RSVP to jill (dot) puffer (at) gmail (dot) com for the address if you need that)


Benny Bassett (Chicago)

Tim (in his very basement!)


BYOB.  $10 suggested donation at the door to help Ben get back home.  Snacks.  Here’s what Jill said:

Hey, everyone! Tim and I finally have a day off together on August 29th, and we want to host a party for you!

It’s a House Warming.
It’s a House Show.

It’s the House Shwarming.

House will be open at 7, and we have a short line-up of musicians and some art and merch available for purchase!

It’s our house, so the event is private, but you are welcome to invite friends.

See you!

Acid Machine Beta

Quick today, in between Valiance vocal takes, check out this fun web-based synth, Acid Machine Beta.  Click here for a pattern I made; just press “Play” near the top of the screen to hear it.

acidmachinebetaAcid Machine Beta combines two pattern-sequenced oscillators with a drum machine and an optional song sequencer, and it runs in your browser.  It’s fun to experiment with, just to get a basic sense of what some of the main elements of synthesis are and what they can do.

Click “New” when you’re ready to make your own pattern (or just mess with mine), make use of the “Randomize” button, and goof around.  You can get a permalink to your pattern with the “Save” button, or even record a .WAV file of your pattern (I haven’t tested this myself).  Maybe I’ll use it to make an actual song for the Synth Project That Was Not Expected at some point.

Put links to your patterns in the comments!

Dark Satellites Friday in Lawrence + More Shows Announced

2015 July 10, Friday – Dark Satellites at Gaslight Gardens, Lawrence KS, with Hyperbor, Belt Notch, Hot and Ugly. $?, ??? ages, ? PM.

2015 July 18, Saturday – Mars Lights at The Brick, Kansas City MO, with Kill Vargas (Wichita), Hyperbor (Lawrence). $? (maybe $7?), ??? ages, probably 9 PM doors / 10 PM show, FB event.

2015 July 30, Thursday – Dark Satellites at the Replay Lounge, Lawrence KS, with Braingea. $?, ??? ages, ? PM.

2015 August 2, Sunday – Dark Satellites at Holy Cow, Kansas City MO. Probably free, probably all ages, afternoon show, details TBD!

Valiance is Under Way


As of yesterday morning, I’m recording Valiance guitars.  Hoping to do at least 6 tracks this long weekend.

The rig is the EV RE320 close, aimed right at the top frets from slightly above, maybe six inches off.  The Rode NT-1 is above and to my right in kind of a shoulder position; my goal with the setup is to match the sound I hear myself when I play, and it’s doing a pretty good job.

Wish me luck.  It’s pretty realistic to estimate two weekends for guitars and two for vocals, though I don’t know that I’ll get the next four weekends straight for recording.  A four- or five-hour half-day can usually net me three finished tracks.