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I want to take this opportunity to introduce a possible new MFR artist, even if we don’t release anything for another year.  We don’t have a definite name yet, or a commited drummer (although we know a guy who said he would do it, so as soon as he e-mails me back…).  We have ten songs, and by ten “songs,” I mean three or four that are roughly finished, and about 6 or 7 that are still just kind of ideas. 

We have a guitarist (John), a bassist (Tucci), a keyboardist who’s never technically played keyboards before (Tucci’s sister, Gina), and then me (Cory).  I think I’ll be focusing mostly on vocals, because this is going to be a very atypical project, by which I mean I’ll probably be singing a lot louder and wackier than I ever did in Shacker. 

Before when I was in bands, the point of the band was to create something original, exciting, and beautiful.  Not so much so with this band.  While we definitely want to do something “new” as in “not trite,” we’re not looking to break any ground here.  We’re looking to be a party rock band (kind of like The Remnants, but even more so).  The music is fast and loud, the guitars are distorted and aggressive, and there is literally a kick-ass, thumping, hardcore drum breakdown in almost every song (theoretically).  Before, in my musical efforts, songs were mostly chord-based.  Now, we’re focusing on riffs and accents to make the party get started.

This band’s purpose is to rock.  We, the band, want to flipping blast people’s heads clean off, and get people jumping around and singing along to the chorus.  We want to slack on the overall progression of music, and beef up on the sheer fun-factor.  We want the audience to have a blast, even if they don’t necessarily remember any of the songs we just played, after it’s all said and done.

Yes, we want to have a rowdy rock band, and we want to blow the doors off of any party or club we play.  We count our influences as Modest Mouse, The Faint, Queens of the Stone Age, NIN, and others.  But I’ll be the one doing the singing, so I promise at least some of it will be simple-stupid catchy.

Cory Alan

7 thoughts on “First Blog in a Long Time”

  1. I take it this is unrelated to the Lumberjack… or maybe inspired by an all-too-real encounter with him?

    Sounds killer. By the time we get some new echoes bump’n in the streets, and new Cory-band… I expect we’ll be leading the web in good-music-to-fewest-listeners ratio!

    (better than the other way around).

    seriously, great! i’m stoked that tucci is involved – everything goes better with a tucci!

    -Mr. Furious

  2. I was a big fan of Shacker and The Remnants from when I first heard them, so more music set to leap forth from the depths of Cory Kibler’s (et al) mind has me salivating like a dog at dinnertime.

    Can’t wait to hear it! Or, better yet, can’t wait to rock out to it like a spastic monkey!

  3. JT – the mental image of you rocking like a “spastic monkey” made my morning! i’m not sure i’ve ever seen you do that…

    did you get my email about universal ethics from a few days ago? i used the link on your blog, which swallowed a message a few months back ago…

    anyway, long story short – it was further confirmation of your assertion that the Golden Rule is a basic, profound ethical code.


  4. I did not get your email, which saddens me, but it’s nice to know more people agree with me.

    I think the closest I’ve come to “spastic monkey” was at the Rustic Overtones concert back when we were sophomores. Well, closest in public anyway.

  5. Yeah, what a show! Just for us.

    You have to fix that link then. Or find where those messages go.

    It’s the “Contact Me” link at the bottom of the left column of your blog. Who knows how many interesting messages you’ve lost / or are waiting for you in some corner of your blogging interface?


  6. Thanks for the heads up on that. Turns out I had that email set to something I don’t have access to now but did when I first started the blog. So all previous messages are lost in the ether of the Internet. I can only hope I’ve got it fixed now, but I’m still making sure on that.

  7. Hey Kibler! This is Melanie. Have you found a drummer yet? I know someone talked to Tucci about it, but I wasn’t sure if he shared the info with you.

    Sorry for being vague about identifing the drummer. It’s not someone I feel safe saying out loud here.

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