Blacklight Sunshine, Math and Science, “Examined by Ghana Customs”, Baltimore Orioles, Weezer (Blue Album), Weezer (Green Album), Weezer (Maladroit), North Mississippi Allstars, “(Proud to) Be A (Nebra)Ska (Democ)Rat”,, “Amandala!” album, Blackalicious, Fiction Plane, Music For The Last Day Of Your Life, Airwalk, Doug Martsch “Now You Know”, 101.9 The Edge (defunct Lincoln alt-rock station), Sonic Youth, NERD, The Mediums, Moth, Atmosphere, Tricky “Blowback”, Jimmy Eat World “Bleed American”, Simon Says, Life In General “Flowers”, various custom-painted jet fighters, Nullset, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Reel Big Fish, Kidney Thieves, Ozomatli, Rustic Overtones, Apple, lower case i, rocker-guy with moustache & broken guitar (Zwan), Black Eyed Peas, My Hotel Year, “CH” European driving decal, “Sock It To Me!” (with a sock), Jackson Hole Wyoming (moose), Before Braille, WoVen, Life In General “lig”, 36 Crazyfists, Sugarcult, a smirking pumpkin, The Music, Ben Harper (live), Dilated Peoples, I (heart) NY, “Fragile” Ghana Airways, Starsailor, Wayne, Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion “Air-Play!”, tiger paw, Hot 96.3 FM WHHHoosier, “Music Making Means Unity, Healing, & Strength” flag, Doane College, Tiger Country 101 FM KIXC, “WOW!”, Monster Magnet, purple fight-breast-cancer ribbon, 89.7 The River, Chemical Brothers.

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