The Twin Cities music scene is infinitely worth sharing with you (for the second time!), and what better way than through a mixtape?

This second edition of MIX-MSP is full of the amazing beats, pop, and quirky music that bubbles around a community known more for the Replacements, Husker Du, Soul Asylum, and Semisonic. Atmosphere is the Twin Cities’ hottest international export in hip-hop, Vicious Vicious makes irresistable blue-eyed funk, and I’ve got a favorite iTunes playlist of my own that juxtaposes Jeff Hanson with Elliot Smith. Dosh breaks the idea of solo-instrumental music in a thousand pieces, and bands like Thunder In The Valley and Coach Said Not To push the boundaries of pop. But Astronaut Wife, Romantica, and Mark Mallman ground the mix with catchy, memorable tunes.

Like the music on Mr. Furious Records, right-click + “save target as” to download the songs. Also, download last week’s edition of MIX-MSP below; Punk, Rock, and How!

Links verified 1/September/05

1. “Trying To Find A Balance” / Atmosphere, from Seven’s Travels. rhymesayers.com.

2. “Shake That Ass On The Dance Floor” / Vicious Vicious, from Blood & Clover. viciousvicious.com.

3. “Drop Me a Line” / The Owls, from Our Hopes and Dreams EP. www.theowls.net.

4. “Call It Clear” / Halloween, Alaska, from Halloween, Alaska. www.halloweenalaska.com.

5. “A Tiger Dancing” / Heiruspecs, from A Tiger Dancing. www.heiruspecs.com.

6. “Naoise” / Dosh, from Pure Trash. www.anticon.com.

7. “Superpowers” / Astronaut Wife, from Now That 1999 Is Gone. www.susstones.com.

8. “Manifesto” / Valet, from Life On The Installment Plan. www.valetmusic.com.

9. “Words That I Employ” / Coach Said Not To, from Coach Said Not To EP. www.coachsaidnotto.com.

10. “Altar” / Thunder in the Valley, from Thunder in the Valley EP. walkingdead.net/~titv/.

11. “Just Like Me” / Jeff Hanson, from Son. www.jeffhanson.net.

12. “On My Mind” / Romantica, from It’s Your Weakness That I Want. www.romanticamusic.com.

13. “Hardcore Romantics” / Mark Mallman, from Mr. Serious. mallman.com.

One thought on “MIX-MSP: BEATS, POP, and WHY”

  1. by email, from Cory Alan…

    “Hey boy, I went and downloaded all of the Mixtapes offa MFR, and a few didn’t download as mp3s, but instead, html codes. Hm? Here are the songs that did that:

    Both Olympic Hopefuls songs (Motobike and Holiday)
    On my Mind
    Drop Me a Line
    Tiger Dancing

    Did I just mess it up somehow? Let me know!”

    I checked the links to all the songs Cory listed, and all still point to valid .mp3 files. I also downloaded one (“Motobike”) and played it through my iTunes – no problem.

    This suggests something on the user’s (Cory) end. 1) Make sure you are right-clicking and selecting “save target as…” (I think Mac users ctrl+click or click+hold). 2) In the dialog that opens next, make sure that the “File name:” ends in .mp3 and that “Save as type:” should read “MP3 Format Sound” or some such thing.

    Also; of the six songs Cory had trouble with, I think five point to files through purevolume.com. This is not a problem for my computer, but perhaps is part of the hangup for other users?

    Good luck. Continue to update us with tech issues… -Mr. Furious

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