Benjamin Axeface makes their debut

So, last Saturday, Tucci and I were one. Well, we’ve always been ONE,
but what I mean to say is, we played together at Meadowlark Coffeehouse
in Lincoln, NE.

Originally, it was supposed to be Beach Puppy, but my feeling is that
once you add a member to a solo group and the band member writes their
own parts, it becomes a band, right? Anyway, it was cool, and we
played as “Church Directory Photo Starring: Benjamin Axeface.”

Impressions: We played well. We were buzzed enough to be relaxed, but
not sloppy-buzzed. We were on point, precise, and we played our songs
pretty well. There were about 20-30 people there, and some of of them
were myspace friends that I’d never met before, which I thought was

There was a dude who was observing us, and once in a while, he’d write
down some stuff on a pad of paper.

One dude in the corner had his headphones on the whole time.

They kept making smoothies in The Loudest Blender Ever, which was kind
of crappy.

Blane played with us, and he sounded terrific.

My mom had a latte and two coffees, and I think she was visibly
vibrating at the end there…..

We didn’t get paid, but it was really fun to play. Annie will play
with us next time.

Cory Alan