In the past few months, I’ve written out music/guitar tab on four different howie&scott songs for three different people. That makes it seem worthwhile to clean up and publish those notes and words, so others might learn, play, and enjoy the songs. It’s also a fitting time, as we finish work on the Nebraska Verses and plan a glance back at the roots of Mr. Furious Records in 2001-04. Here are links to tabs (chords in the case of “So In Love…”):

New Title (berlin), from signs.comets (2004)

Major & Minor, from signs.comets (2004)

Thanks For Visiting Me On The Radio, from signs.comets (2004)

I’m So In Love (and Never Thought That It Would Be You), from near and far (2002)

For the uninitiated, guitar “tab” is a type of musical notation that is easily written in HTML format and shared across the internet. Six horizontal lines represent the six guitar strings; numbers on those lines represent the frets on which notes are played, moving from left to right in time (like sheet music). Chords appear as vertical stacks of numbers; lead lines, solos, and arpeggios are spaced out across the lines.

It was by sitting at the computer with a stack of CDs, listening to my favorite songs and reading guitar tabs, that I learned how to play guitar. Besides taking the requests for tabs as a high compliment, it feels like good karma to author some tabs for others. Thanks Cory, Scott, and Kelsey for asking for these. I’m happy to have done them.

2 thoughts on “h&s GUITAR TABS”

  1. Hey Howie. Just wanted to let you know if you need any artwork and stuff like that let me know. I have been playing with graphics for a couple years now and I really like it.

    Also what’s this news about KC?

  2. Artwork a la Mel could be very cool. I’ve done just about all of the MFR stuff (exceptions: Bike and Shacker’s “Dimly Lit Room”) which is fun, and I like, but I sure don’t want to be under the pressure of having to do it every time.

    SO I will definitely be in touch with you the next time we have a release, and the group hasn’t come forward with a design/idea in mind. Cool?


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