The golden drum kit (Shacker, echoes) is functional again, after a trip to the instrument-consignment shop in Uptown a couple weeks ago. The old hi-hats were shredded (they were old and corroded when I got the set) and it’s never had a ride cymbal, just my thin crash.

I found a new (to me) vintage Zildjian cymbal, exactly like Scottie’s that I had on loan for Knowing Her Best…, …Blackbeard’s Birthday, nickel, and all the gigs surrounding those albums. Beautiful, and an incredible find, both in terms of the deal I got and that I already know how it plays and responds. The hats are Sabian AAs, 14″ – I spent a long time testing different sounds, but these were definitely the best bang-for-your-buck. I’m really picky about hi-hat sounds, but I love these to death.

It wasn’t easy to cough up the change for decent cymbals, but the mission for these couple weeks in Nebraska has been to track drums for upciming signs in winter, Be A Ska Rat, and the XMAS tunes I’m working on. If I’m going to be playing drums again, I need a full kit (even if not quite full-sized!).

Doing 2 1/2 records at once is a logistics thing; I can probably play guitars in a Kansas City apartment, but not kit, yeah?

6 thoughts on “METALLIC echoes NEWS”

  1. Your neighbors may not like you too well if you play your kit there. Good luck down there by the way. Stay safe.

  2. Ok I thought about this after I read your email about the journal star article and you can just think I’m stupid for saying it but that’s ok.

    Your neighbors may be furious with you, instead of not liking you.

    Please laugh at me because I know the joke is so lame.

  3. Just be glad I don’t make you die with laughter anymore the way I did that one night when you, me and Becca where hanging out. I did all the talking and you two just sat there looking at me.

  4. I “echo” both of you…

    (I’m a terrible pun-person, I know…)

    Though Mel, I DO remember that particular conversaion. Or monologue, was it? And JT, you speak for everyone who wasn’t there (6 billion plus) because the story is assuredly incomprehensible to them.

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