D-Rockets and his EP, Matt Wisecarver’s Secret Fantasy, have pushed Mr. Furious Records to set a new record for music downloaded in one month – August 2005, with 1210 mb of data transferred from our servers, is the new # 1. 1210 mb = 1.2 GB!!!111 This is our first time over one gig on the site. Congratulations to Derek, the new MFR listeners who found us through The Return / Sexual Jedi / The Ashtray Life, and the hardcore MFR fans – looking at the site statistics we know it took both first-timers and regular listeners to make August happen.

The breakdown; 1210 mb is the total amount of data downloaded from the server during August. 942 mb of that was “traffic viewed” (i.e. not robots/spiders), and 93.4% of that was .m4a (audio) data. Average song size is about 3.8 mb, so (assuming aborted downloads transferred 0 mb, which is not quite accurate) something like 231 SONGS were downloaded directly from the website in August. Of course many of you burn, file-trade via P2P, and otherwise share our music in ways that go far beyond direct downloads from – keep it up.

And what record-setting timing; our 1-year anniversary (birthday?) is September 21!!!111 To celebrate, there will be BIG BIG NEWS at . Something killer is being planned, and you will be happy if you check out the site that day. So mark your calendars, warm up your broadband, and get set. MFR v2.0 is headed your direction in 3 weeks.


  1. I knew Mr Furious shouldn’t have signed that lousy Derek kid! It’s ruining everything! MFR IS GETTING TOO MAINSTREAM! EVERYONE’S LITTLE SISTER HAS MFR BUTTONS! IT USED TO BE UNDERGROUND AND COOL!!!! I hate it when people find out about good music, and then have the nerve to LISTEN TO IT!

    You know what I heard? I heard D-Rockets pushes glass antiques into empty wading pools FOR FUN, and on top of that, his intention is that the glass antiques BREAK when they touch the bottom of the pool.

  2. I am actually really excited to know that Mr. Wisecarver is still making music though he may be farther away than most. I think everyone craves a little Wisecarver now and then.

  3. Matt recorded the D-Rockets EP (and, incedentally, the recent Beach-Puppy tracks on Furious Instance). He’s been to recording school, and been working in studios in California. Cory knows more of the details… I’m not sure if he’s still playing music any more, or totally focused on the recording side.

    I still have days in the studio where I think every song needs Matt to whisper “Redemption…” at the end…


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