Hot Pot of Coffee!!!

My blogs always seem to be a bunch of crud smooshed together in the semblance of some sort of bigger, more important crud. With that in mind, I’m totally going to make this blog about a theoretical mix CD of MFR songs, and there’s going to be ten songs on the sucker. This is off the top of my head, because if it weren’t, it would take me forever to think of what I’d pick and why. Without further ado, here:

1. Bike, “He Came to Steal Your Children”
2. Sally Ride, “Headbone”
3. D-Rockets, “International Sign for Goodbye”
4. Echoes, “I Don’t Even Know how Right This Sounds”
5. Shacker, “Prove It”
6. Bike, “Eye of the Needle”
7. Echoes, “Open Columns”
8. Beach-Puppy, “Nature vs. Nurture”
9. Shacker, “Fully Okay”
10. Sally Ride, “The Last Song”

Wow, that was tough! And let me make it clear that it does not include awesome furious instances like “Lunch by Yourself” or 12-O’Clock Fence, or the X-Mas EP, or any of that. And also, pretend that there are two secret hidden tracks right before track 1 and after track 10, and those tracks are “As Seen from Side A” and “As Seen from Side B.” Because it would freak people out and really show them what MFR is all about (freaking people out).

Anyway, I’m all sweaty. Who else has a possible MFR mix CD? The only rules are, there has to be 10 songs, they have to be off of official MFR releases (or not; it’s just that too many options freaks ME out), and the track order is of the utmost importance. LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS!

Later, when I think of more crud to say, guess who’s gonna leave a comment explaining that crud? Exactly. My Dad.

One thought on “Hot Pot of Coffee!!!”


    I’ve been thinking about this for some time actually, just in case we ever wanted to do some promo to radio stations or podcasts, etc.

    1. echoes, “Corrupting the Youth”
    2. Beach-Puppy, “Nature Vs. Nurture”
    3. Sally Ride, “Headbone”
    4. Bike, “The Horror! Oh The Horror!
    5. D-Rockets, “Bottom of the Pool”
    6. Gilmo, “As Seen From B”
    7. echoes, “I Don’t Even Know How Right This 8. Sounds”
    9. Shacker, “Sophia (acoustic)”
    10. Shacker, “Let’s Pretend”
    Bonus Track. Bike, “Bad Attitude”

    I aimed for track(s) that best represented each artist. That’s why Shacker gets two, and both echoes tracks come from Be A Ska Rat and not 1/1 with nickel.


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